WovenHacks is an incredible opportunity that will bring together a diverse pool of the most motivated students interested in solving current problems within the student community while incorporating products and services of our sponsors. 


Your support and participation in this event implies you support the development of critical 21st century scholarship, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.


Companies can

  • Supply equipment and mentor students in the Maker Lab!  We need electronics, old computers, motherboard, circuitry, tools, etc. for participants to repurpose, reuse, and reinvent.

  • Provide API, challenges, and prizes.

  • Mentor student participants from 11 years old to adulthood. Connect and challenge them to push their personal limits in creative solution finding over the 24 hours of WovenHacks.  Expose student participants to your product, your API’s, technology, brand, and talent as you engage them throughout the challenges.

  • Sponsor a breakout event. Consider brick building, photo booth, Huskie Den (arcade/pool/bowling), or other interactive “playful” events that get the right and left brain to engage, relax, and re-energize for the home stretch.

  • Distribute company swag (t-shirts, laptop stickers, water bottles, cards, pens, etc.) for participants.

  • Fuel 21st learning by covering one of the many meals—it takes a lot to feed over 300 students during a 24+ hour event! 

  • Fund travel costs for students traveling from all corners of Washington DC, Maryland, Virgina and Ghana.

Interested?  Email info@wovenhacks.com and peruse our sponsorship packet for more information.


As a partner with Major League Hacking (MLH), you can have confidence that our event will be successful, organized, and run with a specific code of conduct. Visit http://mlh.io for full details.



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